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Leaders in organic waste management and bioenergy solutions.

Anaerobic Digestion

Turn your organic waste into renewable energy in the form of carbon neutral biogas. This will be stored and used as a gas, heat or electricity source in your business.

Rapid Composting

Produce nutrient rich compost from your food and green organic waste (FOGO).  Combined with our Anaerobic Digester, this system provides an end to end solution for your FOGO waste.

Bio-lab & consulting services

Our fully functional bio-laboratory and bench-top anaerobic digester provides suitability analysis and performance testing of feedstocks for anaerobic digestion

Our customers


Solutions to treat combined food and green organics (FOGO) collected by municipalities from households, high-rise apartments and other domestic settings.

Intensive Agriculture

Solutions to treat the livestock waste from intensive agricultural processes such as dairy farms, piggeries, feedlots, chicken and farms.

Food Manufacturing

Solutions to treat organic waste produced by the manufacturing and transport of food & beverage. Examples include dairy, breweries, and bakeries.

Hospitality & Retail

Solutions to treat organic waste collected from retail and hospitality venues such as supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes.

The modular nature of the Gaia anaerobic digestion (biodigester) solution matched our requirements. Furthermore, the Gaia technical team has shown a deep capability and commitment to bring the unit online and optimise its performance

Mitchell Booth - Biodigester Customer

Director, Booth Transport

The Ararat Rural City Council rapid composters were successfully installed onsite at our transfer station and performed to specification; reaching pasteurisation temperature within a few hours. We are very satisfied with the service, quality of compost produced and performance of Gaia EnviroTech – supporting us in our FOGO treatment challenge.

Dr. Tim Harrision - Rapid Composter Customer

CEO, Ararat Rural City Council

Our unique value proposition

Gaia EnviroTech’s technology and in-house capability allows flexible delivery of waste management and bioenergy solutions for FOGO, intensive agriculture, food manufacturing, and retail & hospitality customers through:

Modular and scalable technology and project solutions

Flexible solutions and capital investment strategies

In-house world-class engineering capability

More than just waste management

Gaia EnviroTech Solutions are about more than just waste management.  Waste to energy activities produce a range of environmental and economic benefits, not only to our clients, but to the broader community. Gaia EnviroTech has the capability to design, build and operate your waste management solution.

Waste Stabilisation & Reduction

Treatment of manure through anaerobic digestion will reduce the amount of waste generated and deactivate dangerous pathogens which would otherwise harm the environment.

Odour & Greenhouse Gases Reduction

Treatment of manure through anaerobic digestion reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and odours to the atmosphere therefore improving air quality.

Renewable Energy Production

Biogas which is produced through the digestion process can be combusted to generate electricity and heat or processed into natural gas and transportable fuels.

Weed Seed Inactivation

Killing weed seeds in manure will help to reduce costs of controlling weeds in the field when the manure will be used as a fertiliser or sold as potting soil.

Nutrient Conservation & Mineralisation

Treatment of manure through anaerobic digestion will reduce the amount of waste generated and deactivate dangerous pathogens which would otherwise harm the environment.

Carbon Credit Units

Carbon credits units could be awarded for treatment of waste, where there is a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that are removed from the atmosphere.

Fertiliser By-product (Digestate)

The digestate (solids) and leachate (digested liquid) is nutrient rich and can have several uses, including compost, animal bedding or crop and pasture fertiliser.

Renewable Energy Certificates

The biodigester generates energy in the form of gas, electricity and heat. This energy is awarded Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).


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Modular in design, the Gaia EnviroTech anaerobic biodigester is both highly configurable and efficient. Download the technology profile to learn more.

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Designed and manufactured in Ballarat, Victoria, the system is easily transportable and quick to install on site. Download the technology profile to learn more.

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Downloadthe Diary Effluent Case study

The system in this case study was installed in November 2018 as a 12-month research and development project to establish viability of an anaerobic digestion plant designed to convert dairy effluent to energy and minimise odour. 

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The Capability Profile contains information on:

- Business Overview

- Solutions

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Download the Case Study: Modular AD pilot validated at a commerical cheese factory

This case study displays to results of an AD trial on both whey and permeate at a semi-commercial level in an Australian setting.

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